​Interviewing & Statement Taking

​Interviewing skills are among the most critical attributes of an investigator.  I have the ability to recognize when the witness is not forthcoming with everything they know about the subject or is providing non-responsive answers. ​​​I have been trained in various interview techniques and have a proven record of getting the most from any interview.

Bobby Staton - Interviewing & Statement Taking

​Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN)

​I have been trained in the Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) technique that teaches, among other things, how to deal with non-responsive answers to questions.  In the criminal investigative arena, my interview skills have resulted in many critical confessions.  I want my clients to rest assured that whatever claims decision is made, the decision will be based on having a full understanding of the issues.

​Decades of Experience

​​I have over ​three decades of experience in conducting interviews and taking statements and have received and provided training in identifying non-responsive answers to questions.

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Bobby Staton - Interviewing & Statement Taking

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