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How do I request an investigation?

Your path to a professional and thorough investigation is literally just a phone call away.

For a free consultation, call (866) 537-4765 or send a request here.

What should I look for when hiring a private investigator?

Experience and a proven record. Reliance Investigative Services of Oklahoma delivers with more than three decades of investigative experience that includes federal and state law enforcement as well as investigative experience in the private insurance industry.

How will I know if you are the right agency for the job?

When hiring any professional, you need to have confidence and a high level of trust in that person. Before making the call, have a list of questions and keep in mind that no question is out of bounds. I will be glad to provide references upon request.

How much do you charge for investigations?

During the initial interview, there will be a through discussion concerning fees. Be assured there will be no hidden fees beyond what is discussed up front.

Will you work with my attorney?

Definitely. If the information developed during an investigation is likely going to be used in any type of legal proceeding, it is highly recommended that the investigator works closely with your attorney.

Will my case be kept confidential?

Yes. Information collected during an investigation is kept strictly confidential.

How soon can you start on my investigation?

I would like to have 24 hours to complete the often-necessary background. During the consultation, we will discuss a timeline so that you will know up front if I can accommodate your needs.

How do you accept payment?

Bank Wire, Money Order, Cashiers’ Check, Personal or Business Check, Cash, or PayPal.

Okay. I’m convinced you are the right investigative agency for me. What next?

Once we agree to the scope and terms of the investigation, you will receive an Acknowledgement of Assignment which will outline the agreed upon services.

If there is a retainer, you will receive a Retainer Agreement and the investigation will begin upon receipt of the retainer.

How do I get started?

Call (866) 537-4765 or contact me here for a free consultation.

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